Growing Website Traffic with Social Media


If you’re committed and consistent, using social media to drive customers to your website and grow your business can be powerful and very effective. A lot of companies don’t fully buy in to social media. Sure they have accounts, but they’re not actively engaged or engaging with their customers through these platforms. A tweet here, a re-tweet there, and maybe a couple of pins or likes thrown in for good measure – and there, it’s done for another month. Most businesses haven’t developed a formal strategy nor have they established an effective approach or practice when it comes to utilizing and leveraging the connective power of the social share to grow website traffic. The fact is, if you try harder than your competition on social media your clients will notice and you will have a strong advantage in the marketplace. Sure this lead won’t bring returns overnight – growing a business takes time, as does cultivating a following and building momentum; but if you stay active and focused, new customers will come, website traffic will grow, and business will be better.


The benefits are plenty

Nothing online compares to social media when it comes to forming a community of dedicated customers. The benefits are plenty. Through social media your business can take advantage of a huge amount of exposure flexibility – you can target specific audiences who will understand and appreciate the benefits and advantages of what your business has to offer. When your potential (or existing) clients become a part of your social media community, you gain access to them instantly and can immediately begin valuable research by starting a significant and ongoing dialogue. Through this exchange, you can discover what your potential customers like and dislike about your products or services, and thus they’ll be letting you know what you can do to make your business stronger.

Every click is a potential sale

On-going dialogue and repeated exposure mean your social media community will know your business solidly and will understand all of the benefits your products or services have to offer. When it comes time to buy, selling becomes easier. And as your audience grows, so does your influence. Creating a healthy and chatty social media community will eventually attract more new customers, free publicity, and lots of website traffic.
Each time you share a blog post, product listing, or other piece of content directly from your website to your budding social media community, you are giving your followers a reason to click through to your site. Every click is a potential sale. Once your customers are on your website you have the opportunity to further engage them with your business activities and expose them to more products and services. With a clear call to action, you can entice them to sign up for your mailing list, or to be notified when new products or services are introduced. Hopefully, they will make a purchase or get in touch with you to arrange for a consultation.

Make the most of increasing website traffic

Whether you know it or not, your potential clients are checking to see if your business and its products or services are on social media – and not just on social media, but using social media. Here are some articles to help you make the most of increasing website traffic and further grow your business through social media:
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